Sellers: Preparing your home for sale

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Seller’s roadmap series: Preparing your home for sale

Following a successful first meeting with a professional Realtor such as Joseph Crawford, it is time to begin preparing your home for listing on the market. By this point, you’ve defined your goals and shared them with your Realtor. In turn, your Realtor has helped guide you to a range you can expect your home to sell for based on the market’s recent activity. And you’ve most likely determined what price you expect to get from selling your home.

So how do you get that price?

Your Realtor is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to knowing what buyers expect to see in a home just like yours as far as price range and location go. Walk through your property with them and be open to the suggestions they make. When buyers enter a home, they’re looking to see if they could make their new life in it. It becomes crucial to highlight the best features of the home, improve features buyers might expect to find or would notice are not up to par, and begin creating a space that is inviting to potential buyers to begin envisioning for themselves.

Joseph Crawford is an expert on identifying the home improvements that will help catch a buyer’s eye, and their top dollar. He’s also an expert on staging. Perhaps a room stuffed full of furniture would be more inviting by creating a strong focal point and temporarily removing a few pieces? Could your bathroom tile use a good grout cleaning? Maybe the dramatic color chosen for your dining room could be replaced by a more neutral theme with an appropriate accent wall? Whatever the case may be, an open mind will allow your house to shine and stand out in the minds of buyers who may be considering several homes in your area.

You want your home to be memorable - for the right reasons!

Once your home is “market ready,” Joseph will list your home on the “open market.” This allows prospective buyers, and their agents, to find your home in the local listing service (MLS) and online national sites such as,, Zillow and his own high traffic website. Based on your pricepoint and neighborhood, your Realtor should be able to help set expectations for you on what kind of traffic and interest to expect, and how long you should wait before reassessing your listing. Since you’ve already established the price you’d like to list your home at, make sure you understand how that will affect how short or long your house should be expected to stay on the market.

Also, remember to keep your house clean and presentable! Avoiding a re-cluttering of the home ensures you’ll be Open House or “showing” ready at a moment’s notice. Speaking of which, if you’d rather not have showings scheduled at a moment’s notice, make sure you’ve discussed with your Realtor how much notification you expect. They’ll also help you set a schedule of times the home will be available to show. It is equally as important to try and minimize the interruption to your daily life as it is to maximize showing opportunities to get your home sold!

As always, a dedicated real estate professional such as Joseph Crawford will help set clear expectations for you, based on the goals you’ve set and shared and the decisions you’ve made up to this point. Continue to communicate with your Realtor through this part of the process, and you’ll be set up for success on the open market!

Joseph Crawford, PA is a luxury real estate expert, focused on serving the needs of clients in the areas of Boca Raton to Palm Beach.

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